Innovative solutions through Research and Development



We are a full system development and solutions firm specializing in research and development for multiple industries. We strive to provide the highest level of innovation and improvement to products and processes for all of our clients through our research and development and intellectual consulting services.


Core Competencies

Electronics and Device Design
System Integration
Research and Development

Areas of Expertise

Custom Microfluidic Testbeds
Embedded Systems
Electronics System Design
Mechanical Packaging
Optical Devices
Sensor Development
Flexible Electronics
Wireless Communications
Research and Development


Adroit R&D has a diverse background and has the knowledge and competency to service projects for a multitude of markets. We are currently working on projects for the food and beverage, consumer products, biotechnology, electronics, and utilities industries ranging from core technology research to device prototyping to system and device controls development.



Dr. Alex Schultz has a strong background in electronics, embedded system and electomechanical system design and development as well as microfluidic and electrofluidic device design with full system implementation. He has research and development experience in the displays, desalination, and the food and beverage industries with specialized expertise in electrowetting devices and development.

Dr. Daniel Rose has a physics background with focus on electronics and system development for non-invasive biological sensing devices. He was also involved with development and optimization of optical filters, optical trapping techniques, and electrofluidic displays technologies. He has research and development experience in the displays, bio-sensing and food and beverage industries with specialized expertise in various sensor and sensing devices and development.

Dr. Phillip Schultz has an engineering background in microfabrication, electronics, embedded systems, and electro-optics. He has experience with the design and development of microfluidic, electrofluidic, and electro-optical devices with commercially viable system level integration. He has research and development experience in optical devices/systems, displays, and water desalination, with specialized expertise in arrayed electrowetting and liquid crystal based optical devices and retroreflective technologies.

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